Global, Industry-leading Eye Health Company Adds Custom Air Handling Units to Expanded Facility in Rochester, NY

Industry: Manufacturing/Eye Health  

Project Profile: Bausch + Lomb, a global eye health company, recently underwent a major expansion inside its North Goodman Street facility in Rochester, NY. The manufacturing company, which was originally founded in Rochester nearly 170 years ago, has expanded to house the increased capacity needed to provide customers with new products offered.

Stark Tech Group’s Equipment team at R.L. Kistler has worked with Bausch + Lomb on most of its critical spaces, providing custom air handling units that comply with the tight tolerance processes. 

Challenge: The customer requested our team to look at two identical, fully-custom 39,792 CFM air handlers for its new production building.

Stark Solution: Given the required space conditions, our team recommended each unit utilize two SEMCO desiccant wheels– one for energy recovery and the other for dehumidification. 

The custom air handling units were completed and started up in February 2021. The leakage testing showed less than .4% leakage for both systems. There are currently 10-12 operational lines in the facility, and the air handlers are reportedly working without issue. The 117,000 sq ft building has since added 100 new manufacturing jobs to the area.

Technology used:

  • Air Enterprises – Custom Air Handlers
  • SEMCO – Energy Recovery Wheels

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Clean Air Brought to You by Stark Tech Group

Is it time to replace your DFS HealthWay unit filters?

The HealthWay® Air Purifier Deluxe’s Main Filter captures 99.99% particles at  0.3 microns – four times the particle reduction from a similarly sized HEPA filter. This filter traps and prevents growth of microorganisms. It is one of 9 stages of filtration provided by the Air Purifier Deluxe.

It is recommended that you inspect the Pre-Filter (Carbon filter) and Final Filter (Main filter) every 6 months and replace every 9-12 months to ensure efficiency.

These are original replacements for deluxe models including: 20600-02, 20600-03 & 28238 filtration units


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Recently Renovated Civil War-Era Opera House Revives into a Boutique Hotel, Restaurant, and Event Space

Project Profile: Bent’s Opera House in Medina, NY recently underwent extensive renovations to revive the historic building into a brand new, multi-purpose facility. The now boutique hotel, restaurant, and event space was originally built in 1865 and is located in the heart of Medina’s historic downtown. The opera house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Challenge: 1800s-era construction and State Historic Preservation Office regulations presented challenges with the building’s HVAC system distribution. The building owner also desired “quiet” equipment and wanted to reuse some existing decorative grilles to preserve the original architecture of the building.

Stark Solution: Kistler, a part of Stark’s Equipment team, applied variable refrigerant flow systems in the restaurant and boutique hotel. They also installed concealed fan coil units which allowed the HVAC units to be installed behind existing decorative grilles.

Packaged energy recovery units serve the banquet hall and provide ventilation for the VRF systems.

U&S Services, a part of Stark’s Integration team, also installed a Building Management System for the facility.

The hotel is currently accepting reservations for 10 uniquely designed rooms, each with a different theme. The farm-to-table restaurant is open and accepting reservations as well. The third story restoration is complete and can be rented out for weddings, parties, and special events.

Northwestern School District Implements Brand New Audio and Video Systems Throughout Newly Renovated Auditorium

Customer Challenge:
The Northwestern School District, a public school district based in Albion, Pennsylvania, consists of one high school, one middle school, and two elementary schools. The Northwestern High School’s Performing Arts Center was recently renovated. The auditorium routinely experienced issues with its aging audio system so the school district invested in brand new, state-of-the-art audio and video system solutions.

Stark Solution:
U&S Services, a part of Stark Tech Group’s Integration Business Unit, worked with the high school to design and implement brand new audio and video systems for the auditorium. The Pro AV team installed JBL column array speakers supported by Crown I-Tech amplifiers and a BSS processor as well as 20 new Shure wireless microphone systems with multiple stage and local inputs.

The auditorium’s new control and mixing console, an Allen & Heath SQ-7, was installed over a Dante and analog backbone. System controls and mixing can be done by either the wall station, console, or through a tablet – providing versatility and easy access to changes.

A Christie 10K Laser projector with Crestron DM Lite 4K transmitter inputs at the stage and booth locations, along with a DMPS Lite 4k Receiver/Switch, were also installed which allows for excellent viewing of 4K content and versatility for presentations or productions. Power JBL stage monitors were integrated into the system providing ample audio to the stage for concerts and productions while also acting as a portable sound system for practice rooms and events.

Equipment Integrated:
• Crown
• Shure
• Allen & Heath
• Williams Sound


Implementing Five Key Preventative Strategies to Safely Reopen Schools Full-Time

The U.S. Department of Education has recently released its Volume 2 ED Covid-19 Handbook, a Roadmap to Reopening Safely and Meeting All Students’ Needs.1 This handbook addresses all areas of concern for re-opening schools safely from meeting the social, emotional, and mental health needs of students to creating and maintaining physically healthy learning environments. Stark Tech Group offers an extensive list of equipment and integration solutions that will help safely bring your students back to in-person learning five days a week.

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Project Profile: City of Buffalo (Col. Francis G. Ward Pump Station)

Stark Tech Group assisted with the installation of a camera, recording equipment, and transmission gear onto the roof of the Buffalo Water Intake Building which is located 6,600 feet offshore in the Emerald Channel—a region in Lake Erie near the foot of the Niagara River. This equipment allows the Col. Francis G. Ward Pump Station to wirelessly broadcast and transmit images taken out on the water back to the station. This was after solar panels were installed on the roof of the building to provide the power needed to run the recording and transmission gear.

The Col. Francis G. Ward Pump Station distributes 70–75 million gallons of clean water every day to Buffalo homes and businesses. However, before it reaches the pump station–which is located in Downtown Buffalo at the foot of Porter Avenue–the water needs to pass through the intake building. The water from Lake Erie is fed by gravity through a 12 ft. x 12 ft. tunnel bored beneath the lake bottom. This building, which is around three stories tall, began operating back in 1913 and continues to do so today.

Stark Tech Group is your protective systems partner for scalable, integrated security solutions from design to implementation. Our master system integration unifies building security infrastructure with building management systems for faster, more efficient decisions in the field. 

ASHRAE’s Epidemic Task Force Releases Guidance for Re-Opening Schools and Universities

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has released guidance on how to safely re-open schools and universities by improving indoor air quality and slowing the transmission rate of the COVID-19 virus. Stark Tech Group is a collaborative, cross-functional team that can provide integrative, cost-effective solutions for any type of building, portfolio, or project.

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