Name-Brand Food Manufacturing Company Achieves Flexibility, Accuracy and Cost Efficiency

Objective: Expand operations through the addition of a new line, upgrade mechanical equipment if needed, understand total project cost.

Project Scope: This assignment was with a leading provider of specialized ingredients to the food manufacturing industry, and with multiple “house branded” products, dedicated to high quality and quick delivery. Installation of a new manufacturing line, and commitments to sustainability initiatives caused the need to evaluate existing mechanical and electrical infrastructure.  Stark Tech Group was engaged to assess key areas of infrastructure, update facility drawings based on findings, and provide metering and a technology platform for manufacturing cost allocation.

Solution: Stark customized a solution that would achieve the customer’s objectives, including flexibility accuracy and cost effectiveness. Stark’s team acted as an extension of the customer’s team, ensuring facility needs met the long-term goals and objectives.

Stark’s strategy involved:

  • Review of each manufacturing process and delineate process loads to compare to building utility infrastructure system capacities.
  • Investigation of utility distribution systems to create diagrammatic drawings and scope the proper location for metering and data acquisition devices.
  • A plan to re-use databases, data acquisition devices, and building automation systems that were already paid for in order to procure information and provide visibility and across platforms. 
  • Install metering systems as needed to properly delineate the flow of utilities to key manufacturing processes for energy efficiency evaluation and energy cost allocation.
  • Process systems, including hot water, electricity, domestic water, and compressed air, were integrated.
  • Ongoing monitoring is in place to analyze the data and notify plant personnel when opportunities for energy savings exist.

Results: Stark was able to work with the customer to develop and implement a phased approach to address specific needs that cross multiple disciplines. Drawings were updated and are currently used in multiple ways from planning expansions to every day maintenance. Existing utility infrastructure was confirmed to be sufficiently sized for future needs, and several significant areas for addressing energy and product waste were identified and corrected.

Master Systems Integration: Delivering Total Facility Optimization

Stark Integration, which includes U&S Services and Technical Building Services in New York and mc2 in Florida, delivers actionable insights through data-driven analytics and automation technology.

Stark’s Integration teams customize solutions that optimize productivity, safety and comfort. Stark’s customized technology packages unify building systems with a single pane of glass to help reduce waste and improve efficiencies through data-driven analytics and actionable insights. Stark’s mc2 team delivers scalable customized solutions and services designed to optimize uptime, reduce unscheduled maintenance events, and ultimately improve building environments through precision control.

Stark Tech Group’s mc2 team in Florida adds Notifier by Honeywell to Protective System offerings

For Immediate Release: mc2, a Stark Tech Group Integration company, has partnered with Notifier by Honeywell to offer protective system products to public and private commercial customers in Florida.

Notifier by Honeywell’s product lines include:

  • Control panels
  • Voice communication systems
  • Fire alarm initiating devices
  • Emergency communication systems
  • Wireless Technology
  • Smoke Detection
  • Flame and Gas Detection
  • Power Supplies and Batteries
  • DAS Systems and Surveys

Stark Tech Group’s mc2 is a Master Systems Integrator of complex IP-based automation systems, delivering actionable insights through data-driven analytics and automation technology. mc2 has added Notifier products as stand-alone offerings and as part of comprehensive technology packages that unify protective systems infrastructure with building management systems into an easy-to-manage platform. The team, based in Orlando, Fl. with offices also in Cape Canaveral, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa in Florida and South Georgia, offers technology packages within DIV25 standards for faster response and potentially life-saving decisions with information for sharing, analysis and reporting.

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