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Building Intelligence Solutions; edge solutions;
Jill Szpylman

Empowering Your Remote Workforce with Edge Solutions

Opening your IT infrastructure for remote access will require creating and enforcing security policies and controls. Securely enabling the IT team to work remotely is the first step in ensuring network and information security.

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B/C Buildings
Jill Szpylman

Exploring Ways to Bring B/C Buildings into A-Class Opportunities

Class B and Class C buildings may have been resistant to making investments or operational changes to their properties due to limited working capital and resources. However, according to the BOMA report, the market for Class B/C Buildings is changing. Tenant preferences, demand for new energy efficient technologies, and mandated policies to reduce building emissions are forcing building owners to look at options to stay competitive and in compliance. The market demands more, and energy efficiency is only part of the solution.

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