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NYS Hughes Building

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NYS Hughes Building

An eight-story building in Syracuse that contains offices for the New York State Assembly and Senate.

Our team of boiler experts was brought in during the design phase to provide recommendations on the boiler type and breeching needed for the size of the project.

The flue system was a significant challenge, as it had a 140′ existing stack used as a chaseway. The breeching had to be supported every 20 feet inside the existing stack, meaning access had to be created at each of these points. The physical limitations of the flue path called for stack dimensions that eliminated most natural draft.

The boiler team recommended a Tjerlund draft fan system to control the draft properly. Included in the scope of equipment was:

  • Four (4) Hydrother KN-30 hot water boilers
  • Tjerlund Draft Control System
  • Two (2) Camus TH Domestic Water Heaters
  • Van Packer Flue

Draft assist system that was designed has so far allowed for flawless boiler and water heater operation.

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